Stressed About New Ideas For Wardrobes ?

Entering into someone’s home and bumping into a classy wardrobe can make you re-think about your own closet. Added to this, it would be difficult to stop oneself from asking a question “from where did you get this wardrobe” right? Why there is a need to go through such feeling when you can glorify your house or office with Luxury Wardrobes London. Unum Design holds experience in proffering the customers with quality and function-driven option without stressing over the cost or any other features at all. Are you excited to know, how are we going to help you with the perfect set of wardrobes?

  • The wardrobes that we design will fit with your lifestyle. Yes, you are absolutely right; we are going to proffer you with an amazing design of wardrobe, just the way you are looking for. There is no point to compromise or to think over any missing aspects. As we will hear all your demands with a view to fix it with perfection.
  • Wondering about the amount to be spent on the Luxury Wardrobes London, then we will suggest you hold and first check our prices. Though our services are engrossed with high flying features and a lot of customized options it does mean that you will be forced to huge bucks. Our prices are completely cost-driven and will be flooded with a series of offers, discounts, and deals under one row. This will lessen down the burden of investment.
  • The designs of the wardrobes are totally customized in nature, which means you can easily get the wardrobe designed as per your wish. If you are looking for some set of pre-designed colours or textures as per the given theme, then we are here at your services. We will make sure to match up with your expectations.
  • The team working on the development of wardrobe will be carried out only by expert designers, artisans, and craftsmen. They are the best industry experts to work with at this point in time. So, in simple words we can say, your wardrobe is going to be designed by the experts only.

Don’t give any further thoughts when it comes to Luxury Wardrobes London as Unum Designs have best to offer you both in terms of quality and price. We are here to leverage all your thoughts and furnish you with best wardrobes. So, get in touch with us now at

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Bring In The Beautiful Walk-In Wardrobes Right Now

Planning for a custom made wardrobe will not add any stress, instead will nurture you with all new private space where you can bring every stuff together. The concept of Walk-In Wardrobes London is not only for princess or stars but is for everyone. So, why not bring this starry affair right to your bedroom with Unum Designs.

Walk In Wardrobes London
  • Double Up The Storage – Designing a wardrobe is directly proportional to the storage. The overall design completely co-relates with the needs of one. Suppose if you are looking for a wardrobe for dresses only then, it can be designed accordingly. It will also double up the need for storage, which means there is no need to add up an extra closet or make a hype of all your dresses over your bed or sofa too.
  • Meet Up With Your Lifestyle – With everything intact to one place, one can stay stress-free. Waking up with a thought of what to wear and where accessories are; can make you go late for work. But with Walk-In Wardrobes London, you will be able to get ready for work before time. Everything right from dresses, accessories, shoes etc. will be placed beautifully at its defined locations. Therefore, there will be no hunt in the morning, or whether you are going to a party or your office.
  • Vibrant Appeal – The next advantage of adding the wardrobe will be the extra value and appeal. First of all, the closets will be custom blends, so the urge to mix the theme and have complimenting colours will be covered. Furthermore, the designing will be performed by the experts who will give your room an elegant touch. So, get geared up to flaunt your interiors with us and make your friends jealous too.
  • No Distress To Privacy – The Walk-In Wardrobes London will proffer you with an added layer of privacy. This way, you can store your personal belongings the way you want. Added to this, there will extra and secure system for your jewellery or expensive items as well. It can also be used as your private room where you can check with your items and plan as per your wish.

The other issues like cleaning, organising etc. will be easily carried out by without involving in further ado. Right from designing to matching the specification, our team will proffer with the best. For more info about wardrobes connect with us.

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Design The Wardrobe Just Like Your Dreams

Interiors not only belong to walls or ceilings as there are various other elements that play an essential role one after the other. Here we are talking about Built-In Wardrobe Designs, which will bring in the charismatic presence in your interiors and will make you go gaga for sure.

  • Free Space Options – Wardrobes means adequate space for storage, and it should be easy to keep all kinds of products without creating any mess. So, if you are struggling with wardrobe storage functions, and want to upgrade with the same, then our designed closets will help you with the best. There will be sufficient place for all kind of products like shoes, clothes, jewellery and so on. Like this, you will get particular spaces for all your products along with vital stuffs and added to this, there will be extra storage options as well.
  • No Messy areas – The significant concern people suffer from the wardrobe is the lack of available space in the room. But with our Built-In Wardrobe Designs, you will get the right fitting and specification. This way, you will be benefited with some additional areas around your room. The other areas can be used as per your theme and can be worked accordingly. The moral of the story is here; you will have enough option in terms of experimenting with your room.
  • An Ode To Interiors – Wardrobes helps in creating a new look to the interiors. Our team will help you in matching the colour of the closet with that of the interiors. Plus other aspects will also be taken care of. In simple words, we can say it will surely compliment the house and the rooms with a new appearance in every means.
  • Custom Elements – While opting for built-in wardrobes, you can wilfully add your design, along with the elements you are looking for. Our team will sit with you and work on the personalisation aspects, just the ways you have thought. Not only this, you can put forward your designs, and we will make sure to bring the things beautifully without any cons behind.

Get your Built-In Wardrobe Designs done with us without worrying about the rates anymore. We will ensure to bring in the best for you, and you will surely not regret anymore. For more updates, you can feel free to reach us at

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5 Tips To Build A Fabulous Luxury Bespoke Furniture London On A Budget

Revive your wardrobe without finding the middle ground over the finances. Building a wardrobe requires a set of steps to be followed one after the other with a succinct theme. A wardrobe should be beautiful and larger than life to compliment once presence and aura.  Here are five outstanding tips to help you in building a fabulous wardrobe on a budget. So, forget about breaking up your fixed deposit and make use of these tips and live the magic of immense. Also, don’t forget to try your hands on Luxury Bespoke Furniture London.

  • Start From Scratch – First thing first! Here you must start with what you are having considering bespoke. For example, you need to check for space, specifications, materials, and so on. Plus, this step will benefit you with extra space, and in the meanwhile, you will get an elaboration of your idea or theme considering your wardrobe design.
  • Remove The Clutter – If you have followed the first step sincerely, then you will be benefitted with a lot of clutter. You must be thinking how clutter is going to help you, right? You can easily send these old items to the needy or can reach out to similar websites as well. This way, you will get a handful of money which will help you in building a fabulous wardrobe.
  • Look For Quality Bespoke Furniture – Your budget should be your priority, and by selling the clutter, you will get additional help too. So, instead of getting exciting with the extra money, you should focus on buying the quality materials only. Sometimes people spend all their money on cheap and a number of products. So, always look for quality Luxury Bespoke Furniture London providers instead of low budget options.
  • Shop For Timeless Beauty – Now, you must be anxious to know what you should buy for making a fantastic wardrobe for yourself. Shop priority materials only or we can say go for the classic. Timeless beauty is always preferred over the current fashion trend. So, embellish on the statement pieces only.
  • Review And Start – Once everything is set, you must not start instantaneously. Hover over the checklist once gain like stuffs required, things to be kept in the wardrobe along with cloth, etc. Consider keeping clothes, shoes, accessories in different places with precise categorization.

Don’t let your budget overpower your inspiration for your wardrobe. Enlighten yourself with customized wardrobe designs and Luxury Bespoke Furniture London plus money to be invested; lookout for

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Find Joy And Comfort With Bespoke Furniture

Living in posh places like London and UK pushes one towards attaining best possible measures in terms of furniture.  Any house or even an office finds its worth under the presence of furniture. Here we are not talking about the pre-designed furniture or any set of wood combined together. Our focus is to brilliantly bring in the Bespoke Fitted Furniture London to your premise.

Unum Designs holding experience at its best will soulfully offer you with some extraordinary pieces of furniture in which you will hardly find any flaws. Our designed furniture has found places in most of the houses, offices and business house over the years. Here showering the benefits of choosing as your furniture designers.

  • With us, you will surely get what you want. We are here to help all our clients with an elaborative structure of furniture pieces. In case you are having some ideas in your mind and want us to work on the same; we would be happy to lend a hand. So, with this, you can understand you have the liberty to try out our bespoke option wherein the furniture will be fully customized as per your requisite only.
  • The doubt of fitting discrepancy does not fall with the Bespoke Fitted Furniture London designed by us. We have a core team of artisans, and craftsmen followed up with industry experts will deliver you with only remarkable designs. Right from the first step to the event of delivery, we can assure you of the only perfection. Next comes the specification, so for this, you can simply have your hopes high on our team. The team will check with the fitting areas and will make sure every part of the furniture has found its place without damaging the interior.
  • We have complete know-how about the design of furnitures plus, can furnish you with explicit designs for the areas you are looking for. There might be doubts and questions concerning what kind of furniture will fit in the given area, along with color, texture, design, finish, and the list goes high. So, here we will request you to sit and have a detailed conversation with our team.

Unum Designs will surely not let you down while placing the order of Bespoke Fitted Furniture London. It is more than business for us; as we want you to offer a comfortable and ever-lasting experience. Visit us now at

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Give Your Home & Office A Deluxe Look

Integrated solutions in terms of furniture for home and office can now become seamless. Unum designs a pioneer in Fitted Home Office Furniture will shower you with ultimate bespoke designs within an affordable range. Our furniture has made a mark all across London and UK. Do you want to know more, then check the features listed below.

  • Highly Functional – Home and office furnitures are two different chapters which Unum Designs are expert in. We understand the requirements of our customers inch by inch. The set of furniture for the home is completely different from that of the office.  The former has to be flexible while the later urges for functional options. The number of desks and their functionalities are determined as per their objective. We design all the closet, desks, shelves depending on their perspective only. This way, the client will not get restricted or confused with the use of the Fitted Home Office Furniture that we build.
  • Dot Perfection – Everything from tip to toe; calls out for perfection both in office and home. Whether you are sitting with a guest at home or having a business meeting with your client, if your furniture is set perfectly, half of your work will get over there itself. It will help you in gaining the attention of your guests and clients. In addition to this, we take care of the given specification, as mentioned. Our team will themselves make a charge of this aspect, so there are no mistakes at all.
  • Marvellous Designs – We will proffer you with Fitted Home Office Furniture designs that you have never imagined of. Along with this, with us, you can also give way to your own creativity by sharing your ideas. Our objective is to provide you with complete bespoke designs that are customised accordingly, the client’s demand. The study spaces in the office to the living room in the house, our team know to develop the taste you are looking for in terms of furniture. You can also take a look at our designs as well, in order to get a vibrant idea for your office and house.

Book our Fitted Home Office Furniture now and get a chance to work with top-notch experts of Unum Designs. We are always available at So, feel free to connect with us now for more details.

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Enjoy a Cinematic Experience With Bespoke TV Wall Units

Bespoke Tv wall Units

TV Wall Units are a complex and compulsory requirement of every premise. Primarily there is no final place for a TV to fit it; as it ultimately depends on the mood of the person. Some people prefer to have TV units in their living room while others look for bedrooms options. The best option that can serve with one’s requirement can be solved only with the help of Bespoke TV Wall Units only. Unum Designs will aid you in choosing and designing the best design for TV units.

  • No one can live without entertainment, and if one is staying in London or UK, life gets really hectic to handle. So, to help you with the perfect level of fun, a TV unit is a must requirement. With us, you can simply choose among various designs that will meet the complete electronic needs. So, if you are planning to have some more electronic items, our Bespoke TV Wall Units will surely help.
  • A TV unit is created with complete media storage options for your home and even for your office too. Also, if you are willing to plan out for a home theatre, we will proffer you with both simple and sophisticated solution altogether.
  • Lingering cables and wires and annoying things that ruin the excitement of watching TV. And when guests or any valuable member comes to house or office, this can turn out to be an embarrassing situation too. But with us, there is no need for you to worry about when Unum designs are there for help. We will customize the entire space of Bespoke TV Wall Units elegantly. There will be no cables and wires popping out plus the seating options will also be complementing each other.
  • Whether you are looking for minimalistic options or classic approach for your Bespoke TV Wall Units, we have excellent solutions. The artisans and craftsman working with us highly experienced and will nurture you with the ideal theme you are looking for. Connect your TV set from your favourite spot and add other electronic items like speakers, Bluetooth, DVD players, etc. without much ado.

Stop, don’t get bothered about specification, design, or looks, we will furnish you with correct deliberation.  Get in touch with our experts here at Let our team know your needs and idea so they can get started with the work of building Bespoke TV Wall Units.